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The Next Big Thing in Air Quality and Energy Usage

You can expect up to 40% energy savings on your air-conditioning with PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™. PlasmaGuard PRO can neutralize up to 99.99% of tested viruses, allergens, odors, and bacteria in occupied environments*

Our Beautiful Products. Available Now.

PlasmaGuard PRO™

The Generator, which is installed in your central HVAC system, uses our patented bi-polar cold plasma process to begin sending an overabundance of natural high-energy ions through all of your air ducts.

PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™

You can expect up to 40% energy savings on your air-conditioning and up to 30% on your refrigeration without your cooling output being affected.

PlasmaGuard STAX™

Using over 60,000 volts, the PlasmaGuard STAX™ system terminates 99.9% of all living pathogens on the first pass while continuously self-cleaning and washing all now-harmless waste into the sewer system.

How to Buy

All PlasmaGuard™ products are available worldwide. Follow the steps below and begin your journey to a cleaner world.

Contact Us

Click on the button below to head over to the Contact page and tell us exactly what product you would like and what your air purification and/or energy saving goals are. 

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We Setup a Call With You

Our sales staff will setup a call with you to go over exactly what you need and how much you need. 

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Once we know your exact needs, we help with the installation process from finding a reputable installer and shipping them all of the PlasmaGuard products you ordered. 

Get PlasmaGuard™ Installed

Don't Just Protect Your Air, Guard It

PlasmaGuard PRO™ offers whole home and office air purification.

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